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A Part of the Hadisen Group
Vägen Till is a part of The Hadisen Group (Hadisen Holding AB). The Group is through its subsidiary HadiCare AB engaged in the field of Personal Assistance (LSS 1993: 387, the Law regulating Support and Service to Persons with Certain Functional Disabilities) and the subsidiary Housing Service Sverige AB in the field of foster care for children and youths. All companies are, where required, authorized to operate by the Swedish Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO) in each area.

“Vägen Till” is a HVB home (Home for Care or Residence). A HVB home is a form of institution in Sweden commissioned by the municipality set up for children, adolescents, adults or families with children, and which carry out rehabilitation, care, support and education.

Activities at “Vägen Till” are tailored to each youth's individual needs and circumstances in which emphasis on supporting the youths self-motivation is placed. This may be achieved by daily activities by using a Solution Focused and Systemic Approach. The motivational work is based on activities from a Cognitive Basis in which a Motivational Conversation constitutes the foundation. The focus is placed on the present and the future.

A brief explanation of our methods:

  • A Solution Focused approach with a pronounced belief that every person has the ability to control their own solution.
  • A Systemic Approach means that the staff utilizes a holistic view and contexts in the work with the youths and their relationships.
  • A Cognitive Basis means that the staff assumes that young people can gain new perspectives by supporting the youth in finding new ways of acting and thinking.
  • Environmental Therapy can be seen as an educational process where the daily chores like cleaning, cooking and activities are part of the therapeutic work.

Core Values

  • Trust, humor, thoughtfulness and respect creates stability and predictability.
  • Endurance is to convey hope and belief that change is possible.
  • With tolerance and understanding comes the opportunity for a new start. A place where every person is unique!
The HVB-home "Vägen Till" in Trelleborg, Sweden
The HVB-home "Vägen Till" in Trelleborg, Sweden